Gregg Popovich Explains Why Victor Wembanyama Has A Green Light To Shoot From Three

Gregg Popovich told Fadeaway World about how the Spurs plan on developing Victor Wembanyama, especially from a three-point perspective.

Fadeaway World spoke to five-time NBA Champion Gregg Popovich about the star center his franchise drafted this summer, Victor Wembanyama. 

The 7'4" French big man has been dazzling NBA fans early into his rookie season but has been inefficient as a three-point shooter.  

Popovich explained why Wembanyama has the green light to shoot and gave us a peak into how the Spurs' staff is developing Wembanyama's game for the NBA.

Ishaan Bhattacharya: We know Victor Wembanyama has been three happy to start the season, but his lack of accuracy has been a concern.  

On the other hand, he's been extremely efficient near the rim and in the paint.  

Do you want Wembanyama to keep extending his range and be a three-point threat or should he focus on where he's the best, which is within the paint? 

At this point, we're in observation mode, if that makes any sense. We don't know what his game is going to be. 

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