Gwyneth Paltrow Says Ex Chris Martin Has a “Sweet Child-Like Spirit” In Their Co-Parenting Relationship

Despite their deliberate separation almost ten years ago, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have gone on to become the model co-parent globally in the intervening years. 

In March, Paltrow showed her affection for her ex-husband by tweeting a heartfelt birthday tribute to the singer. Now, she's praising him even more by discussing their co-parenting arrangement in a recent People interview.

Ahead of Goop's most recent beauty launch, the actress spoke candidly with the publication about Martin's relationships with their two kids, Apple and Moses. 

The singer of Coldplay, she continued, "has a real sweetness." He then applies that to the way he raises kids. He travels and is somewhat absent, yet he delivers something special; it's as though he arrives and scatters fairy dust.

To genuinely put your children first and to merely claim you desire to do so are two different things, she clarified. "I think we all want to put our kids first, but sometimes it's difficult to do that when it's kind of like you're making a sacrifice or you feel hurt or angry."

Paltrow proceeded, "It wasn't really the divorce," remarked everyone who had come from a divorced household. Of course, travelling back and forth between houses was difficult, but that wasn't the main cause of my problems. 

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