Henry Winkler credits his therapist with his Emmy-winning role in ‘Barry.' Here's why

According to Henry Winkler, his therapist was important in helping him perfect the character of acting coach Gene Cousineau in the film "Barry."

Winkler said to Willie Geist at a Sunday Sitdown appearance on November 12 that his therapist assisted him in getting into character.

"I could not have done 'Barry' without having met that doctor," he stated. "That character would not have worked for me with that texture... As an actor, I was stilted."

Winkler mentioned that he played "Barry" during a time in his life when he was going through a transition, which his therapist assisted him with.

"About nine years ago, I’m at a talking doctor, and only then did I start to break chunks of this thick cement," Winkler said. "You're aware of how tiny seedlings emerge from the sidewalk?

making its way to the sun through the cement? That is the situation. Rather than having lived the life I believed I should have lived, I am on my way to being who I am."

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