Hilary Duff Just Wore the Chic Staple I’d Retire All My Pants For

We all understand the value of a well-fitting pair of trousers, whether they are classic jeans or stylish trousers. They're wardrobe staples that go with everything: plain white T-shirts, work-appropriate blouses, and going-out clothes. 

While in New York City to promote her new children's book, the actress sported a look that I can only characterise as "winter mermaid." She had blonde, loose waves, a massive charm necklace, and she wore not one, but two colours of seafoam green. 

Silk and satin slip skirts have long been a wardrobe essential for a reason: they work with everything and instantly upgrade wardrobe staples. Duff's look was a great example of how to dress up a slinky skirt, as she paired it with mesh shoes and a stylish jacket that would be appropriate for everything from a work function to a dinner date.

Kelly Ripa wore hers with trainers, a tucked-in top and a backpack. Despite the fact that the rest of her attire was very casual, she looked incredibly elegant - that's the magic of the slip skirt.

The style's adaptability makes it a year-round must-have. Kendall Jenner wore it with a white tank top and loafers as a summer favourite, while Hilary Duff showed how to dress it up for fall. 

Slip skirts are fashion's secret to constantly appearing put together - they elevate everything in your closet while delivering comfort that pants cannot. More fashions inspired by Duff's appearance can be found here.

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