How Many Kids Of NBA Players Became All-Stars And Had A Successful Basketball Career? (Complete Breakdown)

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In NBA history, there have been a total of 98 father-son duos to make their way into the league.  

NBA fathers with celebrated careers or even ones who had average careers have seen their sons make their way into the league just as they did years prior.  

Many of these fathers can take great pride in knowing they played a large role in seeing their sons achieve their dreams of becoming NBA players,  

while other fathers watched as their sons became far greater basketball players than they ever dreamed of being.  

Of the 98 father-son duos that have played in the NBA, only five have ever hoisted the Larry O’Brien Trophy as NBA champions. 

However, championships are not the only way that we define success in the NBA.  

Even making one All-Star or one All-NBA Team can be considered successful, which are exactly the parameters we have set forth today for this list of successful NBA sons 

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