How to Choose Jewelry to Match Your Wedding Day Look

We wholeheartedly concur that jewellery is essential to finishing off your ideal bridal outfit, as Morilee designer Madeline Gardner puts it. Of course, selecting a stunning gown is important, but we think the real effort begins after that. If you don't choose your accessories carefully, they can make or destroy your outfit.

As a general rule, keep in mind this: Your clothes and/or yourself should be the focal point of attention, not your jewellery. It takes "teamwork" to pull off your wedding-day style; each component should work well with the others so that you feel like the star.

The gown should always be your first stop. Gardner continues, "I would advise brides who have selected a simpler gown to accessorise the dress with a stunning diamond necklace, matching diamond studs, or statement drop earrings."

She recommends a pair of pearl or diamond earrings that "still stand out but do not draw too much attention away from the knockout gown" if you have selected a dress with elaborate details or shine.

Naturally, you also need to think about how your wedding band and engagement ring will complement the jewellery and outfit you choose. A timeless style, such as the Tiffany True, will complement many different aesthetics. 

I adore our simpler slip dresses since they can be dressed up or down and pair so nicely with an array of accessories. An art-deco-inspired beaded belt might offer a beautiful touch to these pieces in particular. 

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