I Own at Least 20 Pairs of Leggings From This Jennifer Garner-Worn Brand That’s on Sale Now

Given that fall is when we start wearing clothing again, I have mixed feelings about coats and the season in general. I enjoy the top layer since it allows me to wear a stylish cap and go out in my pyjamas without anyone knowing what's underneath.

If so, a jacket is something I adore. However, I regret wearing the jacket so much as I get sweaty on my way to work and wait for the tube. Sigh. In New York City, especially this time of year, choosing the appropriate jacket is practically an art form.

But you also need to wear something more than just a light cardigan. I can't wear something too heavy duty, like a Canada Goose, because, well, I'll just sweat the minute I leave my flat. Which one should do now? I believe it's a good idea to take a cue from Jennifer Garner's most recent outing. 

Let's analyse the rest of Garner's ensemble before moving on to the show stopper. She went for sporty-cool, which is a combination she frequently wears when taking her sultry strolls across L.A. Garner chose forest-green leggings, most likely from Spanx, a baseball cap, sunglasses and Sneakers.

Shacket, the most underappreciated coat design that instantly grabs your attention, was worn by Garner when she was spotted out and about in Los Angeles. That black shacket, however, which had a cosiness and a fashionable appearance, was the true centrepiece. I'm wishing for one now as well.

It is the perfect topper for this time of year because of its medium-weight style. Additionally, choosing the right base piece makes it effortless to layer over items you most likely already own in your collection, such as a turtleneck bodysuit or perhaps a sweater.

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