I’m Obsessed With This Luxe, Kendall Jenner-Worn Cashmere Shirt — and It’s Only $59

Summer fashion is inferior than autumn fashion, in my honest opinion. It still amazes me that I just stated that, but as a resident of Southern California, I believe it to be true. If necessary, assign blame to missing out on "real" seasons, but hear me out: Fall affords stylish coats, easily accessible knee-high boots, and cosy sweaters for the entire season.

Intimissimi, for those who may not know, is an Italian lingerie company that also sells apparel. The fact that so many celebs own it is even more astounding; Sarah Jessica Parker flaunted the brand on the red carpet, while Heidi Klum and her daughter have both walked.

I have an obsession with numerous Intimissimi pieces, but my favourite is the long-sleeved boat-neck shirt from the line. The opulent top is composed of a delicate, slightly see-through modal cashmere material that feels light against the skin. You have complete fashion choice because it comes in 16 colours.

Kendall Jenner's sky-blue outfit from last year's Jay Shetty podcast caused the Intimissimi long sleeve to initially become viral. The highly sought-after shirts sold out (almost) every other day after that, so it was all over. With over 421 million views on TikTok since then, social media influencers have dubbed it the "perfect long-sleeve shirt."

It isn't hyperbole to say that the stylish separate is incredibly adaptable. It is really versatile; you can wear it to bed if that is your preference. Wear sweatpants for a laid-back day spent at home. Use its translucent construction by wearing a dark coloured bra underneath if you're going somewhere.

Wearing a skin-colored undershirt will allow you to wear it to work. Its comfort will be evident no matter how you wear it. The elastic material makes it seem like air against the skin. Nevertheless, if you want to be warm, you'll need to layer on a few jackets; after all, style is everything.

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