Instagram Model Exposes Lakers' Max Christie For Trying To Cheat On His Girlfriend

An Instagram model called out Max Christie for trying to cheat on his girlfriend.

Max Christie has seemingly found himself in hot water after an Instagram model claimed he tried to cheat on his girlfriend. 

A video went viral on X on Tuesday night, where two models spoke about the situation. 

It did seem as if the blonde woman didn't really want to say it was Christie, but her friend blurted it out without any hesitation.  

The friend had stated his name earlier in the video as well and was told to shut up. 

She clearly did not want the name to get out for whatever reason. As for her story, Christie hit her up and gave her a time limit of one hour, which seemed to really annoy her for some reason. 

He apparently wanted to get right into it, but she didn't end up going.  

She then claimed that Christie added her on Snapchat, but of course, there is no way to verify any of this.  

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