Irina Shayk Says Bradley Cooper Is the "Best Dad" to Their Daughter Lea

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are well-liked ex-couples and excellent co-parents. In a new interview with Elle, the model explained how they keep their relationship going so well - and it's a lot simpler than you may think. "We make it work," is the key.

It doesn't hurt that they both had conservative upbringings and value the same things when it comes to their 6-year-old daughter. And for Lea, that means accompanying her mother to her mother's high-fashion modelling assignments. 

"We both bring Lea everywhere," Shayk said. "She's quite simple. I had to go to the gym two days ago, so I just handed her a sketching book and said, 'Mama's working out.' She spent an hour drawing. Then we headed to Michael Kors. She got to know all the girls.

Shayk stated that the media loves to sensationalise the truth when it comes to her and Cooper's relationship or dating in general. She told Elle that she hasn't met half of the people she's been linked to at any given time.

Nobody wants to write something true. Sometimes I want to scream, 'Fuck you. It is not true.' [...] "Half of the people they say I'm dating, I've never met in my life!" she exclaimed. "These people who are literally evil or have nothing to do, sitting there writing some nonsense and getting away with it." 

When asked about the current romance rumours involving Tom Brady, Shayk remained tight-lipped, adding, "No comment," with a smile. However, Page Six revealed last month that their relationship had ended.

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