Isiah Thomas Wasn't Aware Michael Jordan Had Beef With Him Before The Last Dance Came Out

Isiah Thomas says he had no idea that Michael Jordan had a problem with him until The Last Dance documentary came out.

Isiah Thomas has once again addressed the beef that exists between him and Michael Jordan, during an appearance at the ForbesBLK Summit in Atlanta.  

When asked about the situation, Thomas revealed that he had no idea there was any beef before The Last Dance documentary came out. 

Let me reset the stage," Thomas said. "When you asked me about The Last Dance, I didn't know we had a beef. 

I really didn't and if you see me in that interview, I'm dressed in a three-piece suit, we did the interview right across the street at NBA TV,  

and Jordan and his producer called me themselves, and I still got all the emails.

Isiah revealed they wanted him to participate in the documentary, as Jordan admired him. 

He was also told he had to be there as Jordan's story could not be told without him. 

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