Israeli forces raid Gaza's largest hospital, where hundreds of patients are stranded by fighting

Israeli forces raided Gaza's largest hospital early Wednesday, where hundreds of patients, including newborns,

have been stranded with dwindling supplies and no electricity, as the army extended its control across Gaza City and the north.

Shifa Hospital has come to represent the general hardship endured by Palestinian citizens in Israel and Hamas' conflict.

Violence broke out following the extremist group's surprise onslaught on southern Israel on October 7 that claimed the lives of about 1,200 people and took some 240 hostages.

The hospital is also at the center of conflicting theories on responsibility for the thousands of fatalities and extensive damage in the besieged area.

While Palestinians and human rights organizations claim Israel has recklessly endangered people in its quest to eliminate Hamas, Israel charges the organization of deploying Palestinians as human shields.

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