James Harden Gets Honest On Clippers' 6th Straight Loss, Video Of Him Talking To Bones Hyland On Bench Goes Viral

Harden adapts to the Clippers' challenges, striving for improvement amid the team's struggle.

As the Los Angeles Clippers struggle to find their footing, James Harden, their recent acquisition, reflects on the challenges faced by both him and the team. 

Despite putting up a season-best performance individually, contributing 21 points and 4 assists,  

the Clippers suffered their sixth consecutive loss, this time at the hands of the Denver Nuggets. 

I keep reiterating that I didn’t have a training camp really or preseason, so [I’m] kind of learning on the fly for a new team. 

And then also getting myself into James Harden shape and in-game shape is very, very important. 

I think tonight I was a little bit more aggressive. I feel like I can be a lot more aggressive. 

Aggressive means making the right plays, getting guys open shots, not just scoring the basketball. 

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