Jason Williams Gets Real On Gay Players In The NBA: "He Was One Of The First"

Jason Williams sheds light on LGBTQ+ athletes in the NBA, emphasizing the importance of acceptance and diversity.

Jason Williams made a candid statement on 'The Flagrant' podcast, shedding light on the presence of gay players in the NBA, 

specifically mentioning the early trailblazers in this regard. 

Williams mentioned that John Amichi and John Collins were among the first to come out as gay in the NBA, 

it's important to recognize that every individual's journey is unique. 

He was one of the first ones. There's definitely gay players in the NBA, gay players in all sports.  

Ain't nothing wrong with being gay, if that's what you wanna do. 

His openness about the topic reflects a broader societal shift towards acknowledging diversity and inclusivity in professional sports. 

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