Jaylen Brown Calls Out The NBA For Slippery In-Season Tournament Court

Jaylen Brown said that he may have strained his groin slipping on the court of the In-Season Tournament in Toronto last night.

The courts of the NBA's In-Season Tournament have come under critical scrutiny from NBA players. 

In the most recent instance, it was Jaylen Brown who spoke out against their slippery nature and emphasized the safety measures that should be taken for the league's athletes. 

Speaking to the Boston Globe after the game where the Celtics narrowly defeated the Raptors 108-105, 

This is not an issue that the NBA can take lightly, especially when Jaylen Brown is not the first league star to speak out against this new project aimed at making the regular season more interesting.

Luka Doncic was the latest star to point out a significant issue within the NBA, 

expressing frustration with the challenging conditions he faced in the Dallas Mavericks' recent loss in New Orleans. 

His remarks bring attention to the crucial role that court conditions play in a player's performance and safety. 

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