Jeanie Buss Reveals The Harsh Reality Of Lakers Fans: "They Don’t Like To Be Patient..."

Jeanie Buss admits Lakers fans are spoiled, and are desperate for a return to the Finals.

Three and a half years removed from their 2020 title run, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss says the race is already on to capture title number 18.  

This season, despite some flashes of greatness from LeBron James and Anthony Davis,  

the Lakers have struggled to capture the same magic they had years ago, but the team knows that fans expect nothing but the best. 

Laker fans have been spoiled as they should be, but it’s been a long time since we’ve hoisted an NBA Finals in our arena, so we want to get back there.” 

It's no secret that the Lakers operate at a higher standard than the rest of the league. 

After decades of history, greatness, and glamour, Lakers fans have grown accustomed to success, 

and anything less than top-tier competitiveness is deemed as a failure in the eyes of the city. 

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