Jeff Teague Shares Story Behind Him Shoving LeBron James In 2016: "I Ain't Win A Playoff Game Because Of LeBron"

Jeff Teague had another hilarious story on his podcast, this time about a poorly thought shove on LeBron James in the 2016 Playoffs.

There is a generation of players in the Eastern Conference that never made a Final appearance because LeBron James played 15 years of his career in the East and made nine Finals.  

Jeff Teague is among that generation, and he recently told the story behind shoving LeBron in the 2016 playoffs

because of frustrations regarding being winless in the playoffs against him.  

Teague might be one of the best storytellers in the NBA.  

Everything he says i naturally engaging, with this story about LeBron being hilarious.  

Teague has never backed down from a challenge in the NBA, even if LeBron stood across the court from him. 

Jeff Teague was always ready to back up his trash-talk when it came to fending off players around his skill level. 

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