Jessica Simpson Speaks Out Against People Criticizing Her Weight

I am tired of seeing Jessica Simpson's body insulted. The singer-turned-actress addressed her weight criticism in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, emphasising her efforts to provide her kids with a body-positive role model.

"I believe that the conversation about weight should be less about weight than it has been, and more about our mindset when it comes to discussing weight," she stated, before concluding.

Simpson continued by saying that her children had been impacted by the media's fixation with the body. They find it quite perplexing because they ask questions like, 'Why don't people just say you look nice, Mom? I don't even understand this. You appear attractive. Speaking of her two daughters, Maxwell and Birdie, Simpson remarked,

I wish I could give you an explanation, honey. I wish I could answer, "It's better for me, but it's still the same; I don't know why, but it's okay."You don't really have to fit anyone's size. 

It comes naturally to her, she said, "I have to, like I tell my kids, how you feel about yourself is how you should feel. I have been every size [and] I do understand every body, every woman, their mentality and how deserving they are of fashion and style." 

Jessica claims that she doesn't "complain" about her appearance or bring up diets in front of her kids because she wants to set an example for them. She clarified, "They just see me living a healthy lifestyle," adding that in order to be a "good role model," she "quit drinking."

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Jessica Simpson Speaks Out Against People Criticizing Her Weight