Joe Smith Explains How He Found His Wife Kisha Chavis' OnlyFans Account

Joe Smith's accidental encounter with his wife's OnlyFans account sparks a public controversy.

Former NBA player Joe Smith has responded to the controversy surrounding the discovery of his wife Kisha Chavis' OnlyFans account.  

In an interview with Vlad TV, Smith explained that he stumbled upon his wife's OnlyFans account when he caught her browsing through it on her phone. 

He described the incident as happening during a normal day while they were having a conversation. 

She was actually on it. On her phone, and I was walking by and I seen her on it seen her, you know flicking through the pictures and you know, it kind of caught me off guard. 

So I asked her about it at that time. And it was a conversation, even before she started recording, we was having a conversation about it.  

We were talking about it. And then all of a sudden I turned around and she's recording me. 

This unexpected discovery led to a heated conversation between the couple, which was recorded by Chavis and later shared on social media. 

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