Joe Smith Lost $60 Million After Latrell Sprewell Choked Warriors Head Coach PJ Carlesimo

Joe Smith reveals the financial fallout and contract negotiations aftermath following the Sprewell-Carlesimo incident.

In a revealing interview with VladTV, former NBA player Joe Smith disclosed the financial fallout he experienced after the infamous incident where Latrell Sprewell choked Warriors Head Coach PJ Carlesimo. 

Smith explained that during that time, contract negotiations were ongoing, and the team's decision to bring in new faces contributed to the breakdown in talks. 

According to Smith, he believed he was worth more than the 50 or 60 million offered at the time and decided to explore other opportunities. 

The situation escalated with the upheaval in the team, both in terms of players and staff, leading to what Smith describes as the start of the blow-up.  

As a young player, witnessing these events had a lasting impact on him. 

The reference to the blow-up likely alludes to the turmoil and changes that followed the incident,  

which not only affected team dynamics but also had financial repercussions for Smith and others involved.  

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