Joe Smith On Cam'ron Flirting With His Wife: "It Bothers Me A Lot"

Joe Smith is visibly bothered by rapper Cam'Ron's flirtatious comments directed at his wife, Kisha Chavis.

Joe Smith expressed deep distress after discovering a clip of rapper Cam'Ron flirting with his wife, Kisha Chavis. 

The NBA veteran, who recently addressed the viral exchange between himself and Chavis regarding her OnlyFans page, 

revealed that the interaction with Cam'Ron bothered him significantly. 

Smith disclosed that he received messages from people who visited Chavis's OnlyFans page, commenting on her appearance and the content posted. 

This marked the first time Smith heard vocal commentary about his wife's content 

It bothers me a lot. I did not just see that but the messages I got from people who actually went to her OnlyFans page. 

They sent it on Instagram [and] Facebook, talking about how my wife looks and what kind of pictures my wife got. 

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