Joe Smith On Why He Married Former Adult Star Kisha Chavis

Joe Smith's revealing interview discusses his marriage to Kisha Chavis, emphasizing trust and the depth of their connection.

In a candid interview with VladTV, former NBA No. 1 draft pick Joe Smith revealed the reasoning behind his marriage to former adult film star Kisha Chavis. 

Smith, known for his successful basketball career and his unexpected reaction  

to discovering his wife's OnlyFans account, shed light on the deep connection he shares with Chavis. 

Smith explained:  "I'm the type of person that, you know, when I find someone that I really can feel like I can trust, feel like I have a bond with someone, 

I feel like I can share things with, I feel like, why not take it to the next level." 

And it was a conversation that we had for years. It wasn't like something that just happened, you know, right off the, right overnight. 

It was a conversation that we had for years 

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