Joe Smith Opens Up On His Wife Divorcing Him When He Couldn't Sign With Any NBA Team

No NBA team was interested in signing Joe Smith in 2011 and his first wife, Yolanda, filed for divorce that year as well.

The year 2011 was certainly one to forget for Joe Smith. That was when interest in his services dried up in the NBA and not long after those doors closed, his first wife, Yolanda, filed for divorce.  

During his recent appearance on Vlad TV, the 48-year-old opened up about that difficult time in his life. 

When Vlad brought up the topic of the divorce happening the same year, 

Smith said it compounded the misery, which was quite understandable. 

Anyone would be crushed in that situation. To lose your career and then your wife back-to-back would have been a huge blow.  

You do really sympathize with Smith on the career front. 

In 2011, we had the NBA lockout, which he knew would end his chances of finding a spot on the roster.  

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