Joe Smith Refutes Wife's Claim That They Are Broke

Financial woes deepen the rift between Joe Smith and Kisha Chavis, with their relationship teetering on the edge.

The ongoing saga between former NBA player Joe Smith and his estranged wife, Kisha Chavis, has taken a new turn as financial concerns come to the forefront 

Chavis had previously expressed her intent to create an OnlyFans account, which was met with disapproval from Smith, 

and it appears their financial struggles are contributing to the strain in their relationship.  

"Yeah she expressed reality TV but as far as the money part that's not true."

I've been taking care of our household for the last 9-10 years and it's been a struggle, it hasn't been easy at all but I've been you know  

doing what I can to keep a roof over our head and make sure you know we have certain things that you know we can live off of. So I disagree. 

During an interview, the hosts of The Morning Hustle questioned Smith about Chavis' claim that he was financially dependent on her and if she had ever proposed the idea of doing reality television. 

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