Jordan Poole Gives Cheeky Smile When Young Fan Asks If He Was Dating Ice Spice

Jordan Poole's enigmatic response to dating rumors with Ice Spice adds an element of mystery to his personal life.

Jordan Poole's recent response to a young fan's question about his rumored date with Ice Spice suggests that he's not willing to confirm the speculation. 

While he did deny the rumors, his cheeky smile during his response added a playful element to the interaction. 

The rumors had swirled about Poole spending a substantial amount on a date with Ice Spice, 

involving shopping sprees at high-end fashion brands and even the purchase of a new Mercedes Maybach Truck. 

However, neither Poole nor Ice Spice had officially addressed these rumors. 

The young fan's abrupt question during a fan interaction session caught Poole off guard, but his response was succinct and accompanied by a smile, which added an air of mystery to the situation. 

With his response, he neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, leaving room for interpretation and speculation among fans and the media. 

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