Jordan Poole Paid Zero Attention To What His Head Coach Was Saying During A Timeout

A video went viral on X that showed Jordan Poole being completely disinterested in listening to his coach's instructions during a timeout.

Jordan Poole's time with the Washington Wizards has already generated plenty of lowlights and a recent video that went viral on social media has made matters worse. 

During a timeout in their game against the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday, 

Poole could be seen ignoring his head coach Wes Unseld Jr.'s instructions during a timeout. 

Even the assistant coach and his teammates telling him to pay attention didn't seem to affect Poole in any way. 

You could also very clearly make out him saying that this is his team, and this is not the kind of attitude you want to see in a player. 

Once the huddle was about to break, he got a little serious but wasn't able to get what play Unseld had drawn up, as he kept trying afterward to check what it was.  

The Wizards have been a total mess this season and incidents like this one might explain why.

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