K-pop star Rosé joins first lady Jill Biden to talk mental health

At an event for mental health awareness on Friday, first lady Jill Biden's K-pop star Rosé said it's important for people to know that famous people also have problems with their emotions.

"I think that would be great for everyone who works in public," she said while sitting on a slate-gray couch at Apple Park in Cupertino. She had just hugged the first lady and thanked her for coming.

Rosé, a part of the supergroup BLACKPINK, said having a large social media following makes her feel vulnerable, particularly when people are critical.

When I do some things, I never feel like they're enough. And no matter how hard I work on something,

"There will always be someone with an opinion or who likes to be in charge of the story," she said. "So, that makes me feel alone."

She said it was important to talk about such things, however difficult it may be.

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