Kevin Durant Fires Back At Fan Who Mocked Him For Laughing With LeBron James: "Friends Compete Harder Against One Another"

Kevin Durant responds to a fan critical of LeBron James and him sharing a laugh during a game.

In response to a fan's criticism of LeBron James and Kevin Durant sharing a laugh during their on-court clash,  

The fan expressed disapproval of the friendly interaction between James and Durant,  

suggesting that athletes should be focused on dominating their opponents without such camaraderie. 

I hate this ‘we all fiends’ laughing during the game shit!! It’s time to go to work, kill these mofos and keep your for on their necks.  

THIS IS 1 of the reason why MJ23 is the GOAT MJ23 simply killed EVERYONE IN SIGHT! 

Durant's response on Twitter conveyed a broader perspective on the dynamics of competition among athletes. He pointed out that: 

At some point, yall non athletes gon realize that friends compete harder against one another. 

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