Kyrie Irving Donates $50K To 16-Year-Old Mari Copeny's Fundraiser As She Aims To Bring Clean Water To Her Community

Mari Copeny's fundraiser received a $50,000 donation from Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie Irving is always on the lookout to assist those in need of financial help and he recently made a sizable donation of $50,000 to Mari Copeny's fundraiser.

Ya'll Kyrie Irving just got me to my year end goal on the filter fund with his surprise donation. 

If 4 other celebrities would match his donation we would be at my $1M goal for my filter fund. 

Copeny created this fundraiser in 2019 following the Flint Water Crisis which began in 2014. 

She had risen to fame after sending a letter to then-President Barack Obama about the crisis, which prompted him to visit the area. 

As for her fundraiser, Irving's donation played a part in helping cross the $800,000 mark. 

The goal is to hit $1 million and if a couple of celebrities do chip in, they'll reach it fairly quickly. 

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