Kyrie Irving Responds To Luka Doncic Calling B******t On Him Saying He Was Tired Before 35-Point Performance Against The Pelican

Luka Doncic called bulls**t on Kyrie Irving telling his Mavericks teammates he was tired before dropping 35 on the Pelicans.

Kyrie Irving had his best performance of the young 2023-24 NBA season when he dropped 35 points in under 30 minutes in a convincing win over the Pelicans. 

Doncic said that Irving had told his teammates that he was tired before the game, 

prompting the Slovenian guard to call bulls**t on what Kyrie had to say, which led to a funny response from Kyrie.    

He called BS? I was tired. I was. I told him I was tired before the game just to humanize what I was dealing with.  

I didn't feel like my absolute best ; I knew it would create some type of inspiration or motivation amongst the guys. 

Told them that I needed to be picked up... I was tired before the game but once the game started, I got going. 

Doncic's admission of what Irving said to the team before the game was hilarious as well, as he tried his best not to curse and avoid a fine from the NBA.

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