Kyrie Irving Reveals Tip From Kobe Bryant And His Father That He's Following To Get Out Of His Shooting Slump

Kyrie Irving shared the tip that Kobe Bryant and his father had given him regarding shooting the ball.

While the Dallas Mavericks have had a great start to the season, the same can't really be said about Kyrie Irving, who has really struggled with his shot. 

There has been a bit of improvement in his last few games, though,  

and when asked how things are starting to get better, he pointed to tips from his father, Drederick, and Kobe Bryant. 

Just get my right elbow pointed," Irving said. "I talked to my dad a few days ago, and he just always loves to remind me to keep my right elbow pointed.  

That's something that Kobe used to tell me as well, just as a reminder and then just take my time, get my feet underneath me.  

There were some times when I wasn't landing on balance. 

Irving says there were some areas where his rhythm was just a little bit off as well.

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