Lakers Fan Missed A Half Court Shot For $55K And Then Rolled His Ankle

A Lakers fan missed a halfcourt shot to land himself $55,000 and proceeded to hurt his ankle after stumbling down the court.

Every NBA arena holds contests for fans on the court, with many iconic moments coming out of fans either failing miserably at basketball challenges or pulling off an incredible life-changing performance that inspires everyone.  

The latest one at the Arena was the former,  

as a Laker fan ended up hurting his ankle after airballing a halfcourt shot for $55,000. 

The fan took a big run up and tossed the ball, which didn't end up hitting the rim. 

The fan couldn't stop himself after the momentum he generated in his run-up, proceeding to fall forward.  

When an interviewer helps him up, the fan realizes his ankle isn't right, struggling to walk without assistance. 

If the fan stayed in the arena after that moment, he would've got the chance to see an incredible match that went down to the wire and ended in a win for the Lakers. 

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