Lakers Fans Are Overjoyed At Jarred Vanderbilt Being Cleared To Practice

Jarred Vanderbilt is inching closer to his season debut after recovering from an injury, causing havoc among Lakers fans.

The Los Angeles Lakers officially announced that Jarred Vanderbilt has been cleared to begin a return to play progressions,  

which will start with the defense-minded forward returning to practice with the team. 

While this doesn't mean he's returning in the next few games, it does indicate he'll be back soon,  

prompting Laker fans to go ballistic with joy.   

Fans are already excited about the boost the team will get with Vanderbilt returning. 

Fans are excited about Vando's return coinciding with Cam Reddish finding his groove on the roster.

Fans are hoping Vanderbilt makes his debut on 21 November against the Utah Jazz.

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