Leaked Audio Shows Klay Thompson And Draymond Green's Aggressive Behavior Led To Warriors-Wolves Scuffle

More information about the Wolves-Warriors scuffle has been revealed through leaked videos.

A leaked video has given fans insight into what happened on the court during the Warriors vs. Wolves scuffle that left three players ejected from last night's game. 

The leaked video has clear audio which allows us to make out what was being said on the court. 

The video shows Klay Thompson grabbing Jaden McDaniels, before McDaniels retaliates, prompting Draymond Green to complain to the referee.  

As Rudy Gobert attempts to restrain Klay for not letting go of Jaden, Draymond comes in to choke Gobert while taunting him.  

For some reason, Klay was surprised he was ejected at the end of the altercations.  

The league saying that Gobert was a peacemaker in this interaction isn't the strongest argument,  

as even I would've thought to go after him if I saw him restraining one of my teammates. 

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