LeBron James At A Loss For Words Over His Own Museum In Akron

Lakers star breaks his silence on upcoming LeBron James museum in his hometown.

should be all the proof you need to understand his lasting impact on the game. 

The project, which is set to open to the public later this month, is just the latest milestone for LeBron, 

who took to Twitter to express his disbelief over the current series of events. 

This is still so crazy to me that this is happening!!! I can't wait for my fans all over the world to get a peek behind the curtain to see what we've built and where it all began," wrote LeBron. 

"Ain't nobody better mess up my room either!! Only in Akron!" 

As an icon of the league and a pioneer of the game itself, there are a lot of stories to tell when it comes to King James.  

It's also a chance for LeBron to give back to the community, as all proceeds from ticket sales will be reinvested through House Three Thirty's innovative job training model. 

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