LeBron James Claims He's Playing Through Injuries After 37-Point Night Against The Rocket

LeBron James makes a revelation about his health that will worry Lakers fans.

LeBron James was dominant as the Los Angeles Lakers squeaked past the Houston Rockets in a 104-105 win, dropping 37 points with 14 coming in the fourth quarter. 

After his performance, he told the media that he wasn't feeling great, dealing with injuries and sickness but playing through it. 

LeBron played 40 minutes in the win against the Rockets, becoming indispensable to the Lakers offense in the fourth quarter.  

Given the Lakers started the season with a minutes cap on LeBron, it's insane to think he's averaging 34.4 minutes so far this season.  

The minutes staying as high as they are while he's allegedly going through injuries may be a decision the Lakers come to regret, as they did last season. 

Anthony Davis also playing through a hip injury at the moment should worry Lakers fans a lot.  

There is no way the Lakers can sustain playing both their stars with such high usage for another 68 games.  

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