LeBron James Compares Lakers To Pittsburgh Steelers After Loss

LeBron James explained how the Lakers are like the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers.

Following the Los Angeles Lakers' 120-101 loss to the Orlando Magic on Saturday night, LeBron James compared his team to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

We're like the Pittsburgh Steelers right now," LeBron said. "You know what that mean? 

... The Pittsburgh Steelers right now have not outgained or outscored any of their opponents in this season right now and yet they got a winning record. 

Saying the Steelers have not outscored any of their opponents is a slip of the tongue from LeBron, as you obviously can't win a game if you get outscored.  

I get what he's saying though. The Steelers are 5-3 this season but have been outgained by 790 yards and outscored by 30 points over the course of the campaign.  

The Lakers, meanwhile, are 3-3 but have been outscored by 23 points in their six games. 

All of their wins have come by five points or fewer, while they have lost by double digits in two of those three defeats, with the latest being the one to the Magic. 

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