LeBron James Gets Honest About Decision To Join The Miami Heat In 2010: "I Couldn't Win In Cleveland"

LeBron James joined the Miami Heat to make sure he can win NBA Championships before he retires.

LeBron James changed the NBA forever 13 years ago when he took his talents to South Beach 

and joined the Miami Heat in one of the most controversial free agency decisions ever. 

James opened up on his motivations behind the move ahead of the Lakers facing the Heat. 

I came here for one reason and for one reason only: to win championships.  

That was my only goal. That’s the only reason that I teamed up with D-Wade and Bosh. 

Because I felt like I couldn’t do it in Cleveland. So I had an opportunity to be a free agent,  

I did what I thought was best not only for my career but for me at that point in time.  

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