LeBron James' Impact In His Year 21 Is Insane: Opponents Outscore Lakers By 46.2 Points When He Is Off The Court

LeBron James' staggering statistics reveal his monumental impact on the Los Angeles Lakers, with a +46.2 point differential.

Without LeBron James on the court, the Los Angeles Lakers experience a staggering contrast in performance. 

His impact is clear in the statistics, with the Lakers operating at an elite level when he's playing, and struggling when he's not.  

The numbers are astounding: with LeBron on the court, the Lakers have an offensive rating of 116.7, but it drops to a mere 91.2 without him.  

Defensively, opponents score 107.0 points per 100 possessions with LeBron, but a whopping 127.8 without him, resulting in an astonishing +46.2 differential.

With career averages that already place him among the greatest players in the history of the game, 

LeBron continues to defy expectations and make a colossal impact on his team.  

While these numbers alone would make most players the focal point of any team, it's when we dig into the impact he has on the Lakers that his true value becomes clear.

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