LeBron James Opens Up On His Battles Against Kevin Durant: "Always An Honor To Share The Floor With Him..."

LeBron James speaks on Kevin Durant after latest on-court battle.

In Friday's postgame press conference in Phoenix this week, LeBron James did not mince words when he reflected on his relationship with two-way star, Kevin Durant. 

While acknowledging his impact on the game, LeBron also called it an "honor" to share the court with his long-time "rival." 

Our first home game this season was against Phoenix so we talked about it post-game and talked to the media about how special it is going against KD, one of the greatest to ever play this game.  

We've had so many matchups throughout our careers. 

I've had an opportunity to play with him on the Olympic team as well. 

We both have made our mark on the history of this game so it's always an honor to share the floor with him. 

Unbelievably talented guy, one of the best players to ever play this game 

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