LeBron James Shocks NBA Fans By Making Left-Handed Shots Before In-Season Tournament Game

LeBron James made five left-handed shots in a row pre-game. NBA fans were in awe of James.

Before the Los Angeles Lakers faced off in the In-Season Tournament game against the Phoenix Suns on Friday night, 

LeBron James decided to put up some left-handed shots. In typical James fashion, he drilled five in a row. 

LeBron is actually left-handed, for those who are unaware, but this is still very impressive.  

He does everything with his left hand, except for shooting the basketball. You do wonder how much better he could have been at it had he opted to shoot left-handed from the start. 

Would he have been a better long-range shooter? Maybe. 

This clip went viral on social media and NBA fans were in awe of James as they reacted to it.

NBA analyst Kevin O'Connor wonders if the 38-year-old is shooting with the wrong hand.

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