LeBron James Supports Kevin Durant, Silences The Haters With Powerful Response To Recent Fan Backlash

LeBron James has the perfect response to critical social media fan.

After LeBron James was caught getting cozy with his friend and competitor Kevin Durant on Friday, 

some voices within the NBA community spoke out against the King and his tendency to befriend his biggest competition. 

The conversation got so loud, that Kevin Durant himself spoke about it on X, where he responded to a disgruntled fan. 

At some point, yall nonathletes gon realize that friends compete harder against one another," wrote Durant. 

LeBron saw this thread and decided to add to the conversation for himself. But instead of leaving a whole sentence to make his point,  

James simply responded with a single emoji over a picture of Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley exchanging pleasantries together mid-game. 

Today, guys just don't hate each other like they used to and not everyone is a huge fan of this development.

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