Lil Wayne Says Lakers Must Part Ways With Anthony Davis To Become True Title Contender

Rap icon reveals what Lakers must do to unlock their championship potential.

In a segment on Undisputed this week, the legendary Lil Wayne made headlines for his take on Lakers big man Anthony Davis.  

In the wake of Davis' latest injury, Wayne insisted that the Lakers must move on from the 8x All-Star and that they will never win a title until they do.  

If the Lakers wanna be a championship team, in the future as well, they gotta get rid of him.  

You don't wanna say anything about his health or he's soft or anything like that... so, whatever it is, it's AD.  

That's his make-up and he's shown us that. The only time we haven't been shown that is in New Orleans.  

He shows us those spurts every other night, but it used to be every night.  

Now he's just sitting down we don't know what what works. What are we doing? Get rid of him and get some good players. 

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