Little Kid Calls Out LeBron James For Flopping During Lakers Game: "You Look Like You Sharted Your Pants"

LeBron James got roasted by a little kid sitting courtside during Lakers vs.Magic.

LeBron James has faced a lot of stiff challenges in his career but withstanding trash-talk from a little kid sitting courtside isn't one of them.  

A kid during the Lakers vs. Magic game was trying to instigate James from courtside,  

telling the NBA's all-time leading scorer to stop flopping while also saying that LeBron 'sharted' in his white Lakers shorts. 

"Stop flopping. You look like you sharted your pants."

Moments like this in basketball are really fun to watch. It's unclear if James could hear what the kid was saying, but it. 

did seem like a smile was peaking through his face when the kid made the comment about sharting.  

This is tame trash talk but really funny when you think about the fact that one of the greatest players of all time is subjected to such juvenile comments.  

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