Los Angeles Clippers' Package For Nikola Jokic In 2016 Goes Viral

The Clippers tried landing Nikola Jokic in a deal that sent Blake Griffin to the Nuggets in 2016.

Nikola Jokic wasn't always regarded as the future MVP and Finals MVP we know him as today.  

He was once a talented young player that people didn't know the ceiling of due to his unique play style. 

The Nuggets believed in him, as a 2016 trade package of the Clippers trying to trade Blake Griffin to the Nuggets in a deal that gets them Jokic has gone viral.  

Fans find this trade offer hilarious, with many not even remembering the offer when it took place.

One fan thinks the deal wouldn't have mattered because the Clippers would have flipped Jokic at some point later on.

One fan in 2016 attacked the Nuggets for turning it down, completely clueless about the historic success Jokic would bring the franchise.

Some smart fans realized in 2016 that the Nuggets turned the offer down because the Clippers asked for Jokic.

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