Los Angeles Lakers Land Zach LaVine And Alex Caruso In Proposed Blockbuster Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers can fix their problems with this proposed blockbuster trade netting them Zach LaVine and Alex Caruso.

The Los Angeles Lakers haven't had the start to the season they wanted, going 5-5 through their first five games.  

They've already had a game apiece without Anthony Davis and LeBron James, with Davis not being there leading to a blowout loss  

and James not being there leading to a tough win against the woeful Trail Blazers. 

They need more reliable options on their roster to sustain them through runs where either star is unavailable.  

The Chicago Bulls are in nowhere's land in the NBA. 

They're too good to have the best lottery odds but too good to be able to tank to the bottom. 

This trade allows the Bulls to offload the contract of the injury-prone LaVine for a collection of young assets and picks.  

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