Lou Williams Has Jerseys Retired In Three Strip Clubs In Atlanta

Williams has 3 NBA jerseys retired in Atlanta strip clubs, with an exclusive "LouWillville" section at Magic City.

Lou Williams, the veteran NBA guard known for his scoring prowess and clutch performances,  

has achieved a unique and somewhat unconventional accolade in the city of Atlanta.  

His jerseys aren't just hanging in basketball arenas; they're also retired in three of Atlanta's most famous strip clubs. 

"Did you see his jersey hung up on any of the walls, cause his jersey is retired in three Atlanta strip clubs." 

What people don't know if you go in Magic City today, it's, Lou Will has his own section that's glassed off in the corner of Magic City.  

It's called LouWillville. Lou Will has his own city on the map in Georgia where he lives and it's called Lou Willville. 

Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, hosts of the podcast 'All The Smoke,' revealed this intriguing tidbit, shedding light on the distinct charm of Lou Williams.  

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