LSU Basketball Star Angel Reese Is Allegedly Suspended Because Of Her Low GPA

Angel Reese might have been suspended by LSU because of her low GPA.

Angel Reese's teammate Flau’jae Johson's mother's comments have led to speculation that the college basketball star has been suspended by LSU because of her low GPA. 

Johnson and Reese's mothers exchanged words on Instagram recently, with the former claiming Angel has a GPA below 2.0. 

The comment was in response to Angel Reese Webb, Reese's mother, putting out a story that read, "Folks pls do not send me long text msgs with a bunch of grammatical errors it gives me a headache.  

How do I know you said what you said if I can’t understand what you’re saying?” 

There's no way to know for sure, of course, if there is any truth to her GPA being that low, or that she has been suspended for that reason. 

LSU never released any statement on Reese being suspended,  

but she was not part of the team for their game against Southeastern Louisiana on Friday.  

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