Lucy Hale Told Me She's Walked the "Entire City" of New York in These Comfy Sneakers

Lucy Hale initially appeared on Pretty Little Liars, which I watched faithfully. And any PLL fan will undoubtedly agree with me that Hale had the best clothing on the show. But her impeccable style did not begin or end with the conclusion of, well, Pretty Little Liars. 

Instead, it evolved into her real-life, cool-girl style moments, complete with bermuda shorts, trench coats, and pinstripe trousers. Another one of her fashion must-haves? Lci trainers, worn by Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck, and Eva Longoria.

Hale said to InStyle that she had been a "long-term" lover of Lci trainers because to their vegan design. "The older I've gotten, the more I'm trying to be conscious of the choices that I'm making in my life," Hale was quoted as saying by InStyle.  And Lci's shoes are one clever, eco-friendly option that proves you can still look fashionable without negatively impacting the environment. 

"My ultimate favourite is called the Neo," Hale revealed. "I like it because it's definitely more of a basketball style shoe, and it's very '90s." She's true, especially since the Neo comes in bold red and blue, providing a "really funky and retro" shoe you can wear off the courts as well.

The Fusion, which is available in soft pink and beige, is another outstanding model; Hale describes it as a "runner-type shoe" that seems "very '70s," and it already has a celebrity fan: Naomi Watts. The sneaker has a foam insole, a rubber bottom and an ocean plastic upper, but the cherry on top is the.

The Legend is the third silhouette, and it comes in a sleek white and beige colouring. The high-top offers an athletic element that complements blazers, cropped tops, and even maxi dresses. Alternatively, channel Hale and dress the Legend in "anything oversized."

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