Magic Johnson On Who Pays For Dinner Between Him And Michael Jordan

Magic Johnson shared details from his recent Italian vacation with Michael Jordan.

Magic Johnson appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night and discussed going on vacation with Michael Jordan and their wives. 

"We actually flip a coin now. It's his coin with both his faces on both sides."

Magic is still considered the greatest point guard of all time by many, though his status has come under threat with the success Stephen Curry has had over his career. 

Nonetheless, Magic is among the few definitions of pristine success in the NBA after his career is over 

given he recently became the third billionaire NBA player after Jordan and LeBron James.  

Even though Jordan and Magic were fierce rivals on the court, with Michael's first championship win coming at Magic and the Lakers' expense, 

their friendship seems to have gotten even stronger in the last few decades as retired legends. 

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